If you are responsible for technology or need to justify your spending, you might have asked yourself “how much should i spend on security”, “am i spending enough on security”, “what is the value of security”?

These are also the questions you can expect by the customer, shareholders, executives.

When you ask yourself these questions you might find difficulty justifying the exact spending since you are using the money to avoid a certain situation that has a certain cost, some companies that asked for our help were just guessing these costs.

We decided to provide you with a tool based on a study by Ponemon institute with a study group of 477 organizations spread across the world over 3 years. The study excluded big data breaches where more records of more than 100 000 customers were lost.

If you provide us some basic information we can send you an e-mail with the calculations what on average the cost of a data breach might be for your sector and the number of customers, what factors contribute to that cost and what the most common threats are.