WHAT WE DO · Akkade helps organizations understand, integrate and comply with Belgian and international legislation on personal data.

Akkade is dedicated to help organizations with the ever increasing compliance burden.  We believe new legislation is an opportunity rather than a burden. It is an opportunity to use data as a true business asset, while still maintaining privacy and security.

We reduce the risk of non-compliance and get the best from your data. We treat data as the asset that it is. We strive to ensure its protection but also its availability and aim to create an environment in which it is always processed legally.

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To create awareness and assist organizations in understanding and acquiring knowledge in personal data legislation, Akkade provides training, e-learning, key notes and workshops.

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With a solid background in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI), Akkade is able to (re)design compliance processes and integrate them seamlessly with your existing systems.

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To comply with all legal obligations, our certified privacy experts explore the implications both from a compliance perspective, and as a business enabler and opportunity.

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